Our Mission

Enriching lives and the world through Japanese culture

Our Services

Provide a comprehensive Japanese cultural experience

1. Planning and consulting

  • Plan and produce events related to Japanese culture.
    Cultural experience programs, cultural lectures, original performances, exhibitions, symposiums, trade shows, international conferences, international business travel, Incentive travel, MICE, corporate training, corporate events, parties and more.
    We produce and manage operations of many different events.

    *Special venues (venues that are not accessible to the public or available anywhere else; temples, shrines, cultural properties, private homes, restaurants exclusively for membership, museums, theaters…)
    *Special person (Famous traditional performing artists, creators, historians, Iemoto the head of a school of traditional arts, living national treasures…)
    *Special occasions (decoration, catering, gift…)
    We customize a personal and exclusive experience depending on your needs and budget.
    Various cultural experience programs are available to meet your needs. Please contact us for details.
  • Bespoke packaged tours of Japanese cultural experiences.(for foreign and domestic visitors)
  • A premium Japanese cultural experience tour for VIP customer.
    We offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our guests.
  • Plan and develope merchandise and services related to Japanese culture.
  • Organize Corporate training events.
  • Collaborate with the brand of long-established companies.
  • Revitalization of regions and communities through cultural resources, Japanese culture and the arts.
  • Japanese interior design. (commercial space, department stores, hotels, restaurants, and more)

2. Weddings and Anniversaries

  • Organize Anniversaries, Corporate annual events, ceremonies.
  • Produce Japanese-style weddings.

3. Media Contents

  • Produce media contents, movies, articles related to Japanese culture and create new communication.
  • Produce media contents for tourists from overseas.
  • Digital marketing strategy consulting, related to Japanese culture.
  • Operate “nipponlabo”, web channel about Japanese culture.

We offer the various type of Japanese culture you would be able to experience:

Traditional Japanese Performing Arts;Kabuki, Noh theater, Bunraku Japan’s traditional puppet theater, Japanese Traditional Music, Rakugo Japanese comic storytelling, and more.
Japanese Geido Traditional art;Sado Tea ceremony, Ikebana Flower arrangement, Kodo Incense ceremony, Shodo Calligraphy, Nihonbuyo Classical Japanese Dance, Budo Martial Arts, and more.
Japanese Traditional Crafts;pottery and ceramics, lacquerware, woodwork, bamboo work, metalwork, textiles, Kimono, washi paper, dolls, and more
Japanese Arts ; Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints, Yamato-e, Nihonga
Japanese Architecture, Japanese Gardens, Bonsai,
Japanese Literature, Japanese poetry haiku and tanka,
Washoku traditional Japanese food culture, Wagashi Japanese confectionery, Sake,
Shinto and Buddhism, Matsuri Japanese Festivals, Japanese Annual Events, folk culture, and more.

Different genres and schools are also available to experience.


Projects and events to promote Japanese culture
  • Tokyo International Forum Co., Ltd. “J-CULTURE FEST New Year’s Theme Park”
    The special festival celebrating Japanese culture; Japanese cultural stage performances, workshops, carnival,
    traditional crafts shops and gallery, food court, sake bar, and more.
  • JR East Cross Station Co.,Ltd.:Japanese cultural events at JR Shinagawa Station, one of the principal transportation hubs of Tokyo.
    Kabuki, Japanese traditional magic, and more.
  • MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)“Silk Summit 2018”
    150 th anniversary of the Meiji era.Symposiums, Japanese Cultural programs, workshops, exhibition, catering, and more.
  • Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.:Japanese cultural programs at the department stores
  • Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.:OMOTENASHI LABO:“BAR MITATE” “CAFÉ ICHIGOICHIE”:Japanese cultural Programs, Pop-up Store, cafe, bar at the department stores.
  • Gurunavi, Inc. :Skill Up Seminar for the member of secretary.gnavi. Japanese calligraphy, Washoku table manner, Sake, and more.

Japanese cultural programs, events and tours for businesses
  • Richemont Japan Limited,  Van Cleef & Arpels:Cultural Programs for VIP Customer “Mastery of an Art High Jewelry and Japanese Crafts”
  • MasterCard:“Priceless Japan” Secret Tea Ceremony, and more. The exclusive program, unforgettable experiences in Japan for Mastercard cardholders.
  • Mitsukoshi Isetan Nikko Travel, Ltd. : Luxury and exclusive tours of Japanese cultural experiences for the member of the departmentstores, travel agency.

Japanese cultural events and experiences for foreign visitors
  • MOFA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)“G20 Osaka summit Partners’Program” Japanese culture and hospitality (Omotenashi).
  • Young Presidents’ Organization“Undiscovered Japan” Japanese cultural programs for Foreign business owners (presidents).
    Japanese food culture,  “Hokusai” Genius of the Japanese Ukiyo-e, Japanese Geido traditional art, and more.
  • Music Masters Course Japan:Japanese cultural event for young talented music students from around the world.

Cultural programs for temples and shrines
  • Kanda Myojin shrine:Culture programs “Myojin-Juku”. Special Lecture series on Edo-Tokyo culture;  arts and culture, food, fashion, entertainment, economy, education, social rules, aesthetics, townscape,and more.

Collaborate with the companies founded for more than a century
  • Organizing events, communities of the long-established company founded over 300 years ago.
Produce new products
  • Toshimaya Sake Company established in 1596:“Sake Kinkon Junmai-Daiginjo Shoshu-Raifuku” 
    Co-produced a Japanese sake brand with a long-established sake brewery.

Design Japanese-style weddings
  • Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo:Japanese style wedding plan “MICHI (do) -Road-” Sado (Tea Ceremony), Kado (Ikebana), Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) , and more.

Please contact us for inquiries about Japanese culture.

Japan Traditional Culture Labo CO.,LTD.
E-mail : info@jtcl.co.jp
Contact Form : https://jtcl.co.jp/contact/


For over 1000 years, Japanese people have developed unique traditional culture, respecting nature and ‘Wa,’ or harmony with other people and the society.

These days, however, we have had less opportunity to feel the value of our traditional culture, while Japanese culture and its way of being (the way of living, for instance) are becoming more and more popular and have fascinated the individuals across the globe.

With such trend and concern, I have founded my company, Japan Traditional Cultural Labo (JTCL), in order to realize my three main goals;

  1. To develop the strong brand as Japanese traditional culture, and to establish a new commercial industry for our next generations
  2. To promote the value and the feature of Japanese culture, and to communicate with citizens in-and-outside Japan
  3. To set up and to lead Japanese traditional culture to a business sector as a main exporting of the business in Japan

Japan Traditional Cultural Labo will develop the business, collaborating with various enterprises, organizations, people, places, and products (or stuff, things, etc), with my aims to promote our honorable Japanese traditional culture.

“To enrich lives and the world through Japanese culture”
“To be an ambassador for Japan and the world, through my business leading to develop our Japanese culture further and further”
These are the Mission to myself as well as my company.

Mariko Kamimori

CEO of Japan Traditional Culture Labo CO.,LTD.

After graduating Keio University, Kamimori attended the Sorbonne Nouevelle Paris III University, studied art, movie industry, and cultural policy.

Later, after resigning from Shochiku Co.,Ltd., she established her company, Japan Traditional Culture Labo CO.,LTD., with the aim to revitalize Japanese culture. With her motto, “Enriching lives and the world through Japanese culture”, Kamimori engages in planning and consulting Japanese cultural events, running a school that teaches Japanese culture and a service that lets foreigners in-and-outside Japan experience the culture.

By widely spreading the appeal of Japanese culture, she also works on projects in order to pass down its importance to the next generation.

In 2015, Kamimori was selected as one of the “The 100 Most Influential People for Japan”, organized by Nikkei Business Publications. In 2019, she won the Higashi-kuninomiya Culture Award.