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9月9日は五節句の一つである「重陽の節句」。またの名を「菊の節句」ともいいます。 陰陽思想では奇数は(縁起の良い)陽の数であり、陽数の最高の数が9です。このことから9月9日は、陽が重なる日であることから「重陽」と呼ばれます。

Chrysanthemum Festival(Septebmer 9)
September 9 is known as choyo, literally double yang. Choyo is one of gosekku , the five seasonal festivals and also called as kiku no sekku , Chrysanthemum Festival. According to the yin and yang thought, odd numbers are yang, and its extremity is nine. Therefore September 9 is 9.9 and double yang, double nine.
People used to decorate chrysanthemum and drink sake floating the petal of chrysanthemum to celebrate wishing the long life.


その年の健康・無病息災を祈り、大豆を年の数だけ食べるという習慣もあります。 神社でも大掛かりな豆まきが実施されます。

Setsubun(The eve of the first day of spring)
Setsubun actually signifies the parting of the seasons; especially nowadays it falls on about February 3 , the day before the first day of spring. On the evening of this day, people yell,”Out with the ogre(demon)! In with the happiness!” while scattering parched soy beans inside and outside their homes.
To pray for good health for the year, there is also the custom of eating only the same number of soy beans(called fukumame) as one’s age. At temples and shrines,too,bean scattering is practiced on a grand scale.

On the night of setsubun,the head of a sardine and leaves of holly are displayed at the entrance of houses. It is a charm to drive away the demon with the smell of the sardine and the spiky leaves of the holly.